Alight goal crushers in this episode we talk with Kimberly “LipStickNFit” Bradley. She’s fit. She’s fat. She’s an athlete. Kimberly is the founder of LipStickNFit blog. In this podcast, Kimberly talks to us about who she is, her evolving relationship with running, and lastly, she gives new runners advice to help them crush their goals.

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Show Notes

  • 1:08 – Who is Kimberly Bradley? – A plus wellness coach & life coach, Help woman with confidence building and is a runner and is in the same article as Martinus
  • 3:00 – Kimberly shares her weight loss and gain story. – I was 400 pounds…. I chalked it up to genetics. Running became my psych meds.
  • 11:19 – Kimberly shares how she discovered running. – Use to talk about runners like dogs… I had a fear of running… Running changed my life!
  • 17:55 – Kimberly talks training about her first races and the benefit of having a run coach. My training consisted of making myself get on the pavement.
  • 25:16- Kimberly talks “running while black” and her family’s reaction to her new lifestyle. “It made them a believer!”
  • 33:00 – Kimberly discusses one of her most difficult races and what she learned from it. “I left my ego on the pavement.” “I was out there by myself”
  • 41:58 – Motivational Freestyle: Kimberly gives words of advice for those that are new to running or starting a weight loss journey.  
  • 44:59 – Tips for those who DNF (Did not Finish) their first race.
  • 56:45 –  Kimberly shares her upcoming goals and words of wisdom.

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300 Pounds and Running Community –


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