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300 Pounds and Running in the Dark!?!?! Electric Run Here I Come

What’s up goal crushers! Marathon training is starting to wear on me because it’s starting to feel like a job.  On week days I’m up at 5 am to go running which leaves me just enough time to stretch, take a shower and get to work on time. This makes running all business!!! Yes I know that I’m on a strict training schedule but I need to liven it up a little bit, because all run and no play is making me sad today. What is a guy to do?  How about I run in the dark?  Confused? Well you shouldn’t be, because I just signed up for the Electric Run!!!

For those who don’t know what the Electric Run is check out the video below:

I’m excited to run and party … Mostly excited about the party part though. This is my first time running a themed race.  I really excited that I’m running in a party environment and not really worry about my pace or staying on track with marathon training. Heck I might even leave my phone at home and not track this race on run keeper… OK I might be going too far this one. Anyways if you are in the Hartford area and would like to join me at the Electric Run on August 10, 2013, use the coupon code 300 and you will receive 10% off the race entry. I hope to see you all there!! Get prepare for an awesome race recap!

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Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running

Disclosure: I received a comped race entry for this post. Any opinions or statements given above come only from 300 Pounds and Running and were not influenced in any way by the vendor.

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