4 Ways Running Improves Your Health

What’s up goal crushers! This week we’re going to be talking about some of the best reasons to get up off the couch and get out there on the treadmill or the track several times a week: the overall improvements to your health you can experience by taking up running as a hobby.

It doesn’t take much to get your body humming along in ways that will increase your overall health. In fact, just hitting the gym five times a week for a short 30 minute run or jog is enough to get your blood pumping and your mind and body humming along. And if you’re not convinced, here are some of the best ways that running can improve your health. Check it out!


1. There’s Nothing Better for Weight Loss

Everyone knows that exercise is a major component of weight loss. Running is a fantastic way to get your body’s ability to burn calories into overdrive, especially since you’ll continue to burn calories even after a running session is over. It’s called excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC) and it’s a highly effective weight loss method. This isn’t just technical mumbo jumbo either – look at my before-and-after pictures and you’ll see how much weight I dropped from running!

2. Your Joints Will Thank You

Anyone that tells you that running is bad for your knees needs their head examined. The truth is that running will strengthen your joints (including your knees) as well as your bones. Running actually increases bone mass, which can help to prevent the development of osteoarthritis when you age. Yes, if you’re not used to running you can develop some joint pain in your knees, but it’s usually minor and temporary – and can be prevented by a good pair of running shoes and not straining yourself.

3. It’s Proven to Extend Your Life

Running makes you live longer. It’s true – just meeting that minimum requirement of 30 minutes of exercise five times a week has been scientifically proven to add years to your life. Whether you’re a smoker, a non-smoker, a cancer survivor, or if you’ve got heart disease, research has shown you can extend your life from anywhere between 2.6 years and 5.3 years. That’s a massive bump, and one that’s hard to ignore.


4. It Makes Your Twilight Years Brighter

What good is extending your life by a few years if you end up having a miserable time because of failing mental and physical health? Well, the good news is that studies have shown runners don’t just stay healthier and more physically sound in their twilight years but their minds remain more intact as well. You’re likely to be around 50 percent sharper than non-runners when it comes to mental tasks like cognition and memory retention when you’re older. That’s a serious margin!

So there you have it goal crushers – plenty of reasons to get off the couch, strap those running shoes to your feet, and work up a sweat for at least half an hour for five days a week. And it doesn’t even have to be running either if you’re not ready for it – just walking around the block a few times can get your body and mind in better shape to actually start working on that 5K training plan.

So what are the ways you’ve experienced your own health to improve after taking up running? Share your experiences and stories in the comments and we’ll see you next week!

Until next time keep crushing those goals,


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