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5 Mistakes Every New Runners Make and How to Fix Them

5 Mistakes Every New Runners Make and How to Fix Them

What’s up goal crushers, Martinus is here to drop some knowledge on you. Today we’re going to be talking about the kinds of common mistakes that almost everyone makes when they first start getting into running. They range from mostly harmless to almost dangerous, so be sure to keep a good eye on these if you’re just starting your running career. Here’s five mistakes that every new runners make and how you can avoid them.

Mistake#1: Not Using the Right Gear

Truth is that anyone can get into running, as it doesn’t require equipment much more expensive than a solid pair of running shoes, but there are shoes and then there are shoes. Don’t go to the shoe department at your local big box store – instead go to a sporting goods store, one with dedicated staff that can fit you for the right running shoe for your gait and your budget. Other than that you’re good to go, provided the clothing you’re running in are solid. This includes a good, comfortable sports bra if you need one!

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Mistake#2: Not Starting Off Easy

I hear what you’re saying: Martinus, I’m motivated and I want to get out there! Ain’t nobody got time to take it easy, that’s what got me that spare tire around my waist in the first place! Well this may all be true, but you can do some serious damage to yourself if you don’t start your running easy and gradually work your way up. Start with a base mileage before thinking about ramping up your sessions. Your body needs to get used to your new hobby before you can start pushing the envelope.


Mistake#3: Not Varying Your Workout

Nobody is going to tell you that running is bad for you. It’s some of the best cardiovascular exercise you can do. The problem is your body needs more than one type of exercise for maximum health. Never varying your routine means never giving the muscles you don’t use while running any sort of workout. Don’t be afraid to hit the gym and work on your strength training in between runs.


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Mistake#4: Not Giving Yourself Time to Rest

Speaking of time off between runs, you can’t go running every day – no matter how passionate you are about your new hobby. Running has a serious impact on your body. Your muscles and bones are going to take a serious beating at first, and you’re going to need those rest days to let yourself recover. Running too often without dedicated rest days is a great way to injure yourself! And trust me, the last thing you want to be is injured. I know this from first hand experience.


Mistake#5: Not Being Patient with Your Progress

Finally, you need to realize that you’re not going to see positive results overnight. Don’t be dismayed at those beautiful people at the gym with zero percent body fat running a 5k on the treadmill every time you’re there – they started out, just the same as you, by putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t be fooled, everyone starts at zero.

That’s it for today, goal crushers! Until next time, keep crushing those goals – and leave a comment below if you’ve got a common mistake you think new runners should avoid.

Until next time…

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