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Don’t call it a come back!

AH Yeah! Guess who back….back again! 300 P.A.R.’s back…back again. Guess who’s back…Guess who’s back…Guess who’s back…Guess who’s back…Yes I’m back!

Let me tell y’all something this has been a long and crazy December. Finals, papers, group projects, and presentations…OH MY! Yea if I had a ledge I would have jumped…I’m just playing. I don’t want anybody to think that I need to be on suicide watch or anything. The mess up thing is that after I finished all my finals, papers, and projects; I ended up getting pneumonia… That was crazy because I thought the only people who get pneumonia are babies, old people, and people in the hospital…I was wrong about that!  Your boy was dead to the world for about a week and a half. I spent most of my days in the bed watching Netflix. I ended up watching at least two seasons of 24. Anyways I’m not quite fully recovered, I still have about 4 days of antibiotics left to take…I think I’m functioning at about 85% so the end is near. I want to say thanks to those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook who sent me all types of well wishes….I really appreciated them…I tried my best to respond to everybody but the meds had me in a different world. So this is me saying thanks!  It’s great to be feeling back to my normal self. It’s time to go back to regular plan…

Y’all now I keep it real…so I gotta tell the truth and say that I haven’t gone for a run in while and when I say a while I mean Thanksgiving. Yes I haven’t ran since Thanksgiving…Things have been crazy and I know I can’t use that for an excuse…I need to get butt out there ASAP and run a mile, 5K, or  something… I’ll keep y’all posted on whatever I decide to do.

Until Next Time I’m 300 Pounds and Running.

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