Over the weekend I had the pleasure to go to FitBloggin’12. At the beginning I was nervous, not really knowing anyone, I’ve talk to a few people via twitter but it was nothing major. Tara (@tidbits_of_tara, http://alifechangingjourney.com) was the first person that I met. I told her that this was over whelming and I didn’t know what to do with my hands. She shook my hand and told me, “that’s what you do with your hands, because this is what FitBloggin’ is all about. You’re not going to sleep for three days and you are going to meet a lot of cool people. When it’s all said and done you’re not going to want to go home.” Well said Tara!

I could really write a book about my experience at FitBloggin’ but I going to keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. My FitBloggin’ experience included:

  1. Swag: My god I’ve never received so much swag from a conference in my life. Some may give you a bag with a couple of nick-knacks but FitBloggin gives you a Reebok duffle bag full of stuff.Reebok Swag FitblogginReebok SwagFitBlogging Swag
  2. A Flying Bar Tender- You had to be at the Green Turtle when the bar tender flew over the bar and ran half a mile while calling the police to catch a guy who tried to ditch his bar tab. (Keyword: Tired)Flying Bartender Fitbloggin
  3. Exercise- Yoga, Fit Trampoline, CrossFit, Zumba; FitBloggin had something for everyone.MrsFatAss, 300 Pounds and RunningZumba FitBloggin
  4. Swag- Really I can’t believe how much swag I got; be on the lookout for giveaways.More FitBloggin'12 Swag
  5. Content- I learn so much about myself and the business of blogging in the workshops and discussions.FitBloggin toolsFitBloggin tools 2Brandi from Diets in Review
  6. Community- FitBloggin is all about community, I came there not really knowing anyone and I left with an extended family. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and cultivate relationships.300 Pounds and Running, All the Weigh, Mission Meltdown300 Pounds and Running, All the WeighMission Meltdown, The Get Fit Diva, 300 pounds and RunningMizFitOnline, 300 Pounds and Running, FoodieMcbody

FitBloggin’12 left me wanting more, I can’t to see what Fitbloggin’13 has in store. See yall in Portland!

Until Next Time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!