Five Exercises You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

Want a quick and easy way to burn extra calories throughout the year? Well stop looking at yourself in the mirror and try these five exercises while brushing your teeth.  These exercises will help improve your balance, flexibility, and strength. I can’t guarantee that they will give you bulging muscles but hey you got to start somewhere.

Exercise #1: Squats

This the simple exercise will not only improve your flexibility but it strengthen your whole lower body and core by targeting your hip flexors, glutes, lower back, and abdominals. Challenge yourself to see how many squats you can do while brushing teeth and try to beat that number every day.

Exercise #2: Tree Pose/ Single leg balance

Improving your balance can be as easy as standing on one leg. Why not do it while brushing your teeth?  Add variation to this exercise by extending your leg to the front, back and sides. If you really want to test your balance try doing it with your eyes close.

Exercise #3:  Modified Jacks

Got cardio? Doing modified jumping jacks while brushing your teeth will definitely raise your heart rate.

Exercise #4: Lunges

Lunges are another exercise that strengthen your legs, core, and improve flexibility and balance. Just make sure your bathroom is big enough to do them.

Exercise #5: Calf raises

Face it we all want nice calves and no I’m not talk about the calf in the picture. It’s pretty easy to do this exercise while brushing your teeth.

Give these exercises a shot… Just think about it if you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day for 365 days that’s 1460 minutes or 24.3 hours of extra exercise the year. We all want to add more exercise in our lives and here is how you can do it.


Try out this WOD while brushing your teeth…I call it: The Sensodyne 5

  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Sec. Single Leg Balances
  • 10 Modified Jacks
  • 10 Lunges
  • 10 Calf raises

The Sensodyne 5


Until next time, I’m 300 Pounds and Running…

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