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What I learned Running My 1st Half Marathon

So when I ran my first half marathon, I felt horrible, sick and nauseous. I felt like I never wanted to run a race again. Now that I’m fully recovered and been to FitBloggin (fitbloggin recap coming soon), I feel amazing and energized about running my first half marathon race. It was a definitely learn experience. So I am here today to tell you a few things that I learned from running the Stratton Faxon Half Marathon.

check the weatherCheck the weather

Three or four days before the race it was very mild, I’m talking low to mid 70’s, low humidity, with an overcast. I figured the race was going to mild be also. Yea, I was totally wrong about that! The temperature during the race was about 86 degrees (F) and 90-100% humidity. If I would have check the weather a couple of days before the race I would have been mentally prepared for the weather.



In trainingTrust my training

When I came back from Jamaica, I had not run in about two weeks and I had about two weeks until the race. Up to that point I have not missed a day in my training program so when I got back I started second guessing whether I would finish the race.  As you can see I did finish the race. I found out that I don’t have to follow the plan to the “T” to finish a race. However I did finish about 95% of the plan.



Don't drink all the waterDon’t drink all the water

During the first couple miles I hit every water stop. Mainly because it was so humid during the race, it ended up being so uncomfortable to run because I was full of water.  For marathon training I will research a hydration plan/fuel plan and stick to it. If you have any suggestions please let me know.




high fiveSoak it in

The one thing I enjoyed the most running the race was socializing with spectators and other runners. It really got me through the race. My suggestion is start with a smile at and high-five as many people as you can. It really does help getting you to the end.




run your raceRun your race

This may sound confusing but it’s straight to the point. Sometimes you will see other runners and you will feel like you can keep up with them but sometimes that is not the case. I seen a lot of people burn out during the race because they were trying to keep up with someone who they thought they could run with. Please! Please! Please! Run your race!  Sometimes you might by yourself for a bit, but near the end of the race you will be bound to pass people who burned out because they started so fast at the beginning of the race. Trust me it feels good to pass people near the end of the race.



At first I wasn’t sold on the running the half marathon experience; however I’m glad that I did it. I hope that you take what I learned from this half marathon and put it to your race experience.

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Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running

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