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My First 5K Race

Yesterday I participated in the Stephen Siller’s Tunnel to Towers Charity 5K. I’m excited that my first race was for charitable cause.

***Attention this post has a lot of pictures***

When I woke up I was very anxious and nervous, I knew that I was capable of running a 5K but this felt like the calm before the storm.  Anyways, when I got to Watrous Park it was

Watrous Park

exciting to see a lot of friendly faces;it was energizing to meet people who dedicated their lives to running.

Tunnel Tower 5K Cromwell

When we went to the starting line I went all the way to the back, behind the walkers and strollers.

300 Pounds and Running Tunnel to Towers 5K

Back of the Line Tunnel to Towers 5K
Tunnel to Tower 5k

I didn’t know why but I thought I would be the slowest one out there. So when the gun went off I spent the first part of the race trying to navigate around them. Once I past all the walkers and strollers it was smooth sailing from there on. Around mile 1 I got in the zone and I felt unstoppable. When I got to the half way mark I was getting high fives from the faster runners on their way to the finish line. On my trip to the finish line I started to pass a lot of people. At first it felt weird that I was running fast enough to past anyone, but as I past the fifth person it felt great. As I approach the finish line everyone was cheering and clapping; all I could do is smile, because I did it. I ran a 5K! It was one of greatest feelings that I have felt in a long time. I’ve completed one of my milestones in my road to running a marathon.  Before I leave you with pictures of the race, it’s just one more thing I want to say.  IF I CAN DO IT ANYBODY CAN DO IT!

300 Pounds and Running to Finish300 Pounds and Running Close up 300 Pounds and Running Finish300 Pounds and Running Finish 2300 Pounds and Running First 5K300 Pounds and Running after 5k300 Pounds and Running After Race

Until Next Time I’m 300 Pounds and Running



Photo Credit: Micheal O’Toole

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