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Run After Pneumonia

According to my Nike Running App, It’s been 5 weeks since I ran. Well not anymore! I’m officially off of antibiotics, I can take a deep breath without hacking up a lung, I’m no longer coughing randomly, and I survived a CrossFit WOD. I think it’s time to go for a run. Yes 300 Pounds and Running is finally going running…let me bundle up and let’s go.

As I left my apartment I felt a little nervous, a little unsure, a little maybe I should wait another day or week or so …Naw! It’s time to get out there NOW and run. It’s about 40 degrees outside and I’m dress like it’s 40 below zero. Hey what can I say, I don’t want to jinx the pneumonia thing. Anyways I really wanted to start out slowly, so I did day 1 of Half Marathon Trainer Pro – Run for PINK; it consist of a 5 minutes warm up, then run 3 min/ walk 2 minutes repeat 7 times and a 5 minute cool down.

The first interval I sprinted as fast as I could, I don’t know why; I thought I was superman or something…Yeah that was a bad Idea…I remember slowing down and gasping for air, thinking to myself, “What the hell are you doing ? This is your first run since having pneumonia.” I’m super eager to get back running. However my mind and body are not on the same accord. Gee! I hate when that happens.. I took the fifth interval in order for me to find my pace. My shoulders were relaxed, I had a slight lean forward and it’s finally feeling right…Once I got into the groove, the workout was done. It was bittersweet because I was happy that I found my stride, yet sad that it took me until the end of the workout to find it… Oh well better luck next time, I’m slowly but surely getting back into the normal. I know it’s going to take some time… that’s coming from my body. However my mind wants to go out and run a 10k tomorrow; my mind got another thing coming because my body is not having that. Either way I’m glad to be running again.

Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running.

Written on: 12/24/12

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