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Take a run in my shoes!!

I heard that shoes are the most important equipment you need when running. So today I went to Fleet Feet in West Hartford, Connecticut. To get my feet analyzed and gait tested so I can get the proper running shoes.

First they measure both of my feet sitting and standing. Then they had me to walk barefoot up and down the store to look at my arches as I walk. I found out that I have flat feet and I supinate when I walk. Which is an oddity in itself because most people with flat feet over-pronate when they walk. The sales associate recommended that I pick up the Black Super Feet Arch Supports. Then he had me to get on the treadmill to record me run.

This was the most embarrassing part of the visit because I started the treadmill at 4 mph, stepped on the treadmill and it just stopped. So I stepped off the treadmill turn the speed up to 5.5 mph, stepped on it again and it stopped again. So I stepped off the treadmill again, now embarrassed, turned the speed up to 6.3 mph, stepped on the treadmill and it kept going…finally… So I ran on the treadmill for 20 seconds. I was so winded after running those running 20 seconds, it was sad. It took me about 5 minutes to catch my breath. I’m just saying a 20 second run shouldn’t have me this winded. I’m gasping for air the sales associate is trying to tell me what I’m watching on the instant replay. But I didn’t care I was just trying to catch my breath. Can you imagine trying to control your breathing and talking at the same. In the middle of me gasping for air I ask the sales associate “where is the restroom”, so I can hide while I catch my breath. Whew…”get it together Martinus”, I told myself while I breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth. “OK I got this!” I said to myself then I walked to the sales floor to find the sales associate with a stack of shoes. “Mr. Evans you need a neutral cushioned running shoe, try on these Brooks” “Nope” I said. “No” the sales associate responded, “Yea I said no those shoe look ugly, matter of fact let me look at the rest of these shoes…”Saucony…nope, New Balance…Yuck , ohhhh Nike…let me check these out.. These are a neutral cushion right?” “Yes”, responded the associated. I tried the shoes on…mmm these are comfortable! Fashionable yet functional…”I’ll take them!”


I don’t recommend anybody to pick their running shoes based on looks but on functionality and fit. But I am all into looking fashionable while running. When it was all said and done they were Nike Vomero 6.

To all the runners out there, what were your first pair running shoes that you ever bought?

Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!






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