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The 4 Types of People You Need to be Successful with Weight loss

What’s up goal crushers? It’s the third week of the year; how are your goals coming along? Did you accomplish your goals for last week? I must say losing weighty is not a walk in the park.  You are going to have trials and tribulations that are going to test how bad do you want it?  It’s going to prove whether you kind of want it or if you want it as bad as breathing (Shout out to ET the Hip Hop Preacher). Anyways today I’m going to talk about the 4 type of people you need in your life to be success in your weight loss journey and in life.  This is something that I learned a long time ago, and whenever I’m about to embarkon a new journey. I think about the people who are in my life and what role best fit their traits and personality. The 4 type of I’m talking about are the cheerleader, challenger, mentor, and mentee. Let me break these type people down for you.

A cheerleader is a type person that will always cheer you on no matter what. You lose weight? Great job! You gain weight?  Aww that’s Ok, look at how far you’ve came. This person is relentless with the cheering and is great for your self-esteem because they will have you feeling like you are on cloud nine.

The next type person is the challenger. If the cheerleader have you on cloud nine. The challenger will bring you back to earth. The challenger’s job is to challenge you.  This is the person who is always lighting a fire under your ass and more importantly they are always there to challenge you thoughts and thinking. This person keeps it real with you at all time and will not hesitate to tell you that’s a crazy idea. This is also the person who is always asking you why and how; when you say you are going to do something. Though they are not doing it irritate you.  You might find that person irritating sometimes because you feel like you are always raining on your parade. Just know they want you to be best that you are.

After the challenger you need a mentor. This person has a wealth of knowledge of what you are trying to do. This person also has been around the block a few times. This person is great because they always have the right advice and it’s usually right on time.

The last type of person you need is a mentee. This person is a vessel that you will fill with all of your knowledge that you learned along the way to get where you are going.  You will make their journey go by more efficiently because now you are the person who has been around the block a few times.  You will take what you learned from your previous experiences and give them timely advice.

Cheerleader, challenger, mentor, and mentee; these are the four types of people that you will need to be successful in your weight loss journey as well as life. **Note** Sometimes one person can have more than one role. For example my girlfriend is my cheerleader and my challenger …mainly my challenger (jk!) but I also have other people that are strictly for cheering i.e. my mother and sister. I have a couple mentors and my mentee is all of you that read and follow my blog for motivation, inspiration, and information. Now it’s your turn leave a comment below stating who are your cheerleader, challenger, mentor, and mentee are.

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Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running

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