Now that I have the most stylist, functional, proper fitting running shoes that I can afford. It’s time to take the babies out for a run. I have my Nike Plus app all set up and I’m using another app call 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training. I hop on the treadmill, pressed the start button and I’m off the first steps of my new life.

My workout started off slow with a five-minute warm up, then it goes into run/walk for a minute each. Let’s just say the best part of the workout was the warm-up. “Ding! Start Running!” I set the treadmill speed at 6 mph, thinking to myself, “I can run at this speed for one minute.” Yea right……10 seconds in, I turn down the speed to 5.5 mph. Another 20 seconds went by and I’m thinking, “Dang one minute hasn’t gone by yet!” I think my body is rejecting the treadmill! So I lower the speed to 4.3 mph, which is like a semi-trot, “Ding! Start Walking!” I screamed, “Thank You God.” As I huffed and puffed for air I thought to myself, “forget running I’ll just eat right to lose weight,” then I hear, “Ding! Start Running!” I screamed, “Why did my time walking go by faster than my time running?” I set the speed back to 4.3 mph, 20 seconds in and my calves are burning. I wanted to stop, but I don’t want to stop, this goes on for the rest of the workout. I finished the workout drenched in sweat, panting like a dog, thinking to myself that I never want to run again.

Here’s what today’s workout look like:

300 Pounds and Running Couch to 5K Week 1, Day 1


I ran 1.71 miles, burned 234 calories, and my pace was 16.17 min/mile.

Today I learned that I can’t just buy shoes and become a runner overnight. I don’t know anything about form, stride, and let alone breathing. This workout showed me that I’m super out of shape and I need to start out slow until I build my stamina. I am glad that I kept running and finished the workout, regardless of all the thoughts going through mind and my body feeling like it’s rejecting the treadmill.

Until till next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!


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