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Weigh-in Wednesday [20 lbs. Down Edition]

It’s Wednesday! I’m done with all my classes, I’m gearing up for Fitbloggin’12 and last but not least it’s Weigh-In Wednesday! Last week I weighed 321.1 lbs. Let’s see what I weigh this week.

300 Pounds and Runing Weight 318.4


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9/12/12 9/20/12 +/-
Weight (lbs) 321.1lbs. 318.4 lbs. – 2.7 lbs.
Neck (in) 17 in. 17 in.  0
Chest (in) 49 in. 49 in.  0
Right Bicep (in) 18 in. 18 in.  0
Left Bicep (in) 17.5 in. 17.0 in. -.5in.
Waist (belly button and around) (in) 47 in. 47 in.  0
Right Thigh (in) 29 in. 28 in. -1in.
Left Thigh (in) 27 in. 27 in.  0


 300 Pounds and Running Progress Weigh-in Side

 300 Pounds and Running Progress Weigh-in Front300 Pounds and Running Progress Weigh-in Back


This week I weigh 318.4 lbs. – last week 321.1 lbs. = 2.7 pounds lost. That’s a total of 20.2 lbs. lost since the start of my journey!

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who read and comment on my blog. I read some of the comments I get so inspired to keep moving forward in my journey. Why would I stop, when I have a huge cheering section? Why get discourage, when I have so many people giving me encouragement? I attribute some of this weight loss to YOU. Secondly, DAMN THIS FEELS GOOD! I’m down a total of 20 lbs. this is a result of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, and finding my own greatness. To all of the people who come to my blog for inspiration: Keep pushing, remember that WEIGHT LOSS IS WAR! It might seem like you are fighting a losing battle. Well guess what? You are fighting a losing battle, but you have the choice to decide what you’re going to lose. It could be weight or a negative mindset; whatever it is see it through to the end. Never give up!

Now that I’m 20lbs. lighter how do I celebrate? How did you celebrate losing your first 20 pounds?

See you all at Fitbloggin’12 ! Until Next Time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!










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