It’s been a month and 15 days since I started this weight loss journey. I’ve tried my best to provide insight into the mind of a 300 pound man who’s training for a marathon. I’ve talked about my workout/runs, nutrition, setbacks, accomplishments, and goals. The one thing that I haven’t talked about is my weight. Sure everyone knows that I weigh over 300 pounds, but if read you my posts up to today, I’ve been very vague about my weight. I might mention if it’s up or down, but I never went into any details about it. That’s because there was something in the back of my mind telling me that I wasn’t going to be successful in losing weight. I’m my biggest critic and I think that my self-doubt was a coping mechanism because I’m afraid of accomplishing my goals. Well self-doubt stops today!

In my previous post I talked about losing at least one pound a week. The keyword is “AT LEAST,” because if I lose more that’s great! I was thinking what better way to inspire others than to track my weight on here. Now so everyone can see if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. So from this day on, every Wednesday will be Weigh-In Wednesday: Pounds, Inches, and Pictures.

Before we can go forward with Weigh-In Wednesday, we need to go back and get the stats that I’ve been tracking secretly. Here are the numbers:

DateWeight (lbs)

Now that we got all the secrets out-of-the-way; let’s have a fresh start with today’s pounds, inches, and pictures.


Let me step on this scale and see how much I weigh.

Oh snap I’m 10 pounds down!

300 Pounds and Running Weigh in scale2

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Can you tell a difference?

300 Pounds and Running Weigh in front

What about from the side?

300 Pounds and Running Weigh in side

Back maybe?

300 Pounds and Running Weigh in back


Here are my current inches:

Body PartInches
Right Bicep20
Left Bicep19
Waist (belly button and around)52
Right Thigh33
Left Thigh32

Well folks I did a double-take to make sure the scale said what it said. I’m officially down 10 pounds and it feels amazing.

Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!

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