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Get Zero to Running for Free!

300 Pounds and Running Presents: Zero to Running: Your Beginners Running Guide

Do you want to start running but have no idea where to begin?


Do you wish you had a close friend, someone who’s gone through it all themselves, that could give you information to get you up and running?


Well, I’m here to help!


I spent close to 3 months churning out the most comprehensive beginner’s running guide, just for you.


I took all of my experiences, from weighing nearly 400 pounds to running a marathon and everything in between, all to answer this question: If I had to give one of my closest friends advice on how to start running, what would tell them?


So why am I doing this?


It’s my way of paying it forward for the next guy or girl who wants to start running but doesn’t know where to begin. I‘ve been there before, and I’ve got all the medals, bibs, and t-shirts to prove it. When I started running I wish someone had provided me the information within this e-book. In fact, if I knew then what I know now, it would have saved me more than a little hardship.


The sport of running literally transformed my life. With this e-book, Zero to Running, you can take the first steps in transforming your own life as well.


How much do I stand behind this concept? Judge for yourself – I’m offering this e-book to anyone who wants it for free. All you have to do is enter your name and email below to get instant access to Zero to Running now!


When you sign up, you’ll get even more than just free access to Zero to Running, though. You’ll also automatically receive my newsletter in your inbox every week, where you’ll find it jam-packed full of running, weight loss, and mindset tips that you can’t find anywhere on this blog.


Not feeling it? Unsubscribe at any time, but you know me, Goal Crushers – I’m never big on promoting things in the hopes of making a few bucks. I’m here to share with you my own path and how I did it – and give you the support you’re going to need if you want to do it yourself as well.


So enter your name and email address below to get free instant access to Zero to Running, the best e-book about running you will ever read.



Enjoy! I wish you nothing less than success.


Until next time, keep crushing those goals!

Want to start running, but don't know where to begin? I'm here to help, download Zero to Running, for FREE!

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