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Since July 2012, 300 Pounds and Running has been a source of inspiration and education for back of the packers and individuals challenging the status quo. It’s helped hundreds of people crush their goals by providing a free eBook, two weekly podcasts, livestreams, walking/running plans and more.


Today, I ask you to give back to the movement.

I gotta keep it real with you, just because the content on 300 Pounds and Running is free, doesn’t mean it’s without cost. Donating helps keep this project independent. The more support 300 Pounds and Running gets, the more freedom I have to create blogs, podcasts, live streams, training programs, and new projects—things that are often cost prohibitive


If you’d like to support the 300 Pounds and Running movement, you can do so by following options:

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Thank you in advance! The money helps the 300 Pounds and Running Community continue to grow. I am grateful to every supporter!

Note that donation is completely voluntary and up to you. I am offering these options for people who wish to help fund this project, out of their own kindness and volition.