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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Why? Because you can eat desert and call it a meal.. For example: How many times have you heard someone have a coffee and (add your favorite sugary pastry here). In the office setting many people bring doughnuts, munchkins, or bagels with flavored cream cheese for breakfast. (My favorite is honey nut.) What about jellies and jams? There’s nothing like 4 pieces of toast with strawberry jam in the morning. Pancakes? Can you seriously call it breakfast if the word cake is in it? But what’s a pancake without butter and syrup. Growing up I ate pancakes with Focus Hope Molasses. In all seriousness I love breakfast because of the sweet, sugary, carb fill food that comes with the title; not because it’s the first meal of the day. I must say that my concept of breakfast is all wrong.

Now that I’m focusing on the nutritional aspect of training, it’s time to use breakfast for what it is traditionally used for, which is to break the fast. Breakfast is important because it replenish your energy after sleeping. People who don’t eat breakfast often have trouble with concentration, tend to have more mood swings and are more irritable than people who eat breakfast regularly. But most importantly people who don’t eat breakfast are 450% more likely to become obese.

With that said today I had scrambled egg whites, cinnamon toast, a glass of milk and water with lemon for breakfast. If you’re like me, you’re used to having yellow in your eggs. I tried egg beaters but it doesn’t taste the same to me. I tried plain egg white but it creeped me out, so I use one egg yolk and some cheese to give my egg whites just enough color.

300 Pounds and Running-Breakfast of Champions egg

I didn’t add any salt because the cheese already has a little salt on it.I seasoned the eggs with Mrs. Dash and fresh cracked pepper.

Breakfast of Champions Mrs. Dash

I add a little milk to my eggs to make them fluffy.

300 Pounds and Running-Breakfast of Champions Milk

I usually cook my eggs in butter or bacon grease but instead I used non-stick vegetable oil in the can.My toast was store-bought cinnamon bread; it has a semi sweet taste to it so there’s no need for jelly. Pop them in the toaster and spray them with “I can’t believe it’s not butter.” Pour up a tall glass of vitamin D milk instead of orange Juice and a tall glass of ice water with lemon. Water can be used as a filler so I usually drink a tall glass before every meal to help me stay full longer. And there you have it a breakfast of champions.

300 Pounds and Running-Breakfast of Champions Meal

Now it’s your turn! Do you eat breakfast regularly? What do you eat for breakfast? Is it considered healthy or unhealthy? If you had to choose between bacon or sausage what would you pick?

Until next time I’m 300pounds and running!



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