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Run Recap

Hello 300 Pounds and Running Readers,

I notice that I haven’t been talking about my runs/ workout. Please believe that I’m running and I’m journaling about it. Here’s my run recap for the last week.

Week 5/ Day 2

300 Pounds And Running C25k W5D2

As my intervals begin to get longer and longer; I start to hear myself think. It’s kind of weird because I try to disassociate myself from running, especially if it’s more than 4 minutes straight, because around the 2 minute mark the run starts to get less and less cute. That’s when I start to hear myself say “maybe you should slow down and walk, you’re tired stop running, or this run is killing me”. Then I say to myself pull it together. My point is that you must have that mental motivation to keep going when your body wants to stop. You have to be OK with being in your own mind. It’s a daunting task but if you can harness it, you can do amazing things with it. What I do is turn everything that I hate about running into something I love. For example: When I see a hill I usually say “I hate this hill” and start to slow down. When I start chanting “I love hills”; I don’t stop running. The reason I think this works is because I believe running is 70% mental and 30% physical. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

300 Pounds And Running nike

Week 5/ Day 3

300 Pounds And Running C25k W5D3


Today I ran at the local high school, nobody was there but me another lady. So I didn’t have to worry about anybody taking up all the lanes like at the RAC.

300 Pounds And Running track 1

300 Pounds And Running track 2









300 Pounds And Running nike2

This is the last day of week 5 on C25k; Wow I really came a long way. The thing about C25k is that it keeps you on your toes; today they threw 8 minute intervals in the workout; so I had to give myself extra motivation. I was glad when I completed the workout because I had to get ready for a pot-luck my girlfriend and I was invited to. We had to bring the sides, so we’re bringing corn on the cob, baked sweet potatoes, and salad. What I’m excited about the most is dessert, because I’ve been saving my calories for this. I can’t wait to see what the dessert person brings.

So I went to the potluck and I was overly excited about dessert. I was so excited that I save my calories by drinking water and eating lite, hell I even ran extra laps on the track because I wanted dessert so bad. Guess what?!? The dessert person cancelled at the last minute…Yea no dessert. Wait no dessert….Aww HELL NAW!! Nothing against the person who cancelled and I’m not saying that because I know that you read my blog, but you let me down. I worked so hard this week, and I followed my nutrition to the T! Now I’m sitting here with nothing sweet, no fruit (because I ate it all through the week), no cookies, no cake, no pie, no ice cream, no nothing. Hell I’m tempted to go eat sugar out the bag…Pull it together Martinus. Ok my pride won’t let me eat sugar out the bag. I guess I didn’t need dessert in the first place, but I can’t let it go.

300 Pounds And Running food

Besides of not having dessert the dinner was good, we had baked salmon, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. It’s just was missing one thing though…dessert!

Until the next time I’m 300 Pound and Running!


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