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Zumba Dancing 5K Running Chafe Monster

When your weight is greater than 300 pounds, there are certain body parts that constantly rub together. In addition to rubbing together there are certain body parts that sweat a lot also. Most of the time those body parts are the same. Let’s do a little math: add constant wetness to constant friction, the sum is usually something nasty. For me its skin tags and chafing, but mainly chafing.

I’m not going to talk about skin tags in this post, but for those of you who don’t know what a skin tag is Let Me Google That For You.

It all started with CrossFit with all the jumping, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups and squats that was enough for me to call it a day, but instead also I did Aerobics with Cathe. The thing I hate about aerobics is marching in place because the friction from my legs could start a forest fire. Anyways I didn’t feel the effect of the chafe until I got in the shower. My skin was so raw that the soap and water felt like acid on an open wound. (Ouch!) But I push forward anyway because I’m a man and men are supposed to ignore the pain right? Sometimes being a man can cause you more pain than needed. The next day I didn’t participate in Boot Camp or Jump Sport Trampoline. However, I did decide to participate in Zumba because MrsFatass told me to be there or else. So halfway through Zumba, I start to feel the burn…..literally. I’m thinking to myself that I need to stop because I feel like a Zumba Dancing Chafe Monster. After Zumba I went to take a shower in “acid rain”; my body burning from extreme chafing I really wanted to take bath A&D Ointment, I didn’t care if I smelled like a baby with diaper rash. Now I’m having thoughts of not doing the 5K because I know that it is going to add chafe on top of chafe. But I can’t just skip the 5K because I’m 300 Pounds and Running, how do I skip an event that has part of my name in it? I thought to myself that I rather be a Zumba Dancing 5K Running Chafe Monster than not run the race at all….Sometimes your pride gets you in a lot of trouble; it’s been five days since FitBloggin’ and my body is still raw. I’ve been using this chafe soothing cream that I took from my favorite girl, but I feel like I’m missing something.

Chafe Relief Powder-Gel

I really want to wrap my body in saran wrap, so that no body part has direct contact with each other. Dear GOD, I never want to be a Zumba Dancing 5K Running Chafe Monster ever again in my life!

So my question to you all is what do you use to soothe and /or prevent chaffing?

Until next time I’m 300 Pounds and Running!




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