Alright, goal crushers in this episode we talk with John Young. He’s a high school teacher, marathoner, and triathlete.  In this podcast, John talks to us about who he is, his evolving relationship with running, and lastly, he gives new runners advice to help them crush their goals.

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Show Notes

  • 1:08 – Who is John Young? – A high school teacher, marathoner, and triathlete  
  • 3:00 – John shares he decided to make a change. I was 195 lbs at 4’4”.
  • 5:37 – John Young shares how he discovered running. -”I don’t see myself stopping”
  • 10:51- John Young discuss stigma while running
  • 14:00– John talks running the Boston Marathon during the bombings.
  • 29:37 – Motivational Freestyle: John gives words of advice for those that are new to running or starting a weight loss journey.  “Don’t measure yourself to other people”
  • 37:09 –  John shares her upcoming goals and words of wisdom.

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